Black Seed Oil

Black bean is the most useful natural herbs and can be milled with a glass of water and can be used for Paint body ( Black seed oil )  and can take Black seed Honey before breakfast.

Nigella sativa (black seed) contains this seminal 40% of the oil (black seed oil) is in the foreground of vegetable oils natural to treat diseases Prophet of Islam saying (This black seed is healing for all diseases except Death)heals wounds easily, addressed of scorpion bites, eczema, very helpful for asthma, prostate, colon, and diabetes.

Restores the body’s immune system, cleans the body of toxins and salts. Used as a tool for the treatment of many diseases of internal organs. Diabetes, rheumatism and muscular-sceletal diseases. Skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, allergic dermatits, neurodermatitis, etc) . Care of any type of acute congestive and inflammatory processes.

Black seeds  (Nigella Sativa) belong to the family Ranunculacae. For centuries, black seeds are widely used by millions of people around the world. After a number of studies conducted in various countries have been proven that black seeds oil is the strongest immune system stimulant.  Black seeds strengths the immune system, increasing T-killers in the body. Equivalent to the five strongest antibiotics: kotrimokzazol, Gentamicin, ampycilin, tetracyclin, nalidiks acid.

The daily dose, which should not exceed: 1 teaspoon in the morning. 15 minutes before meal must be taken on an empty stomach.

Contraindication: Not recommended during pregnancy and for people with implanted internal organs.

Dosage and categories of diseases:

1.       Increase immunity.Cancer prevention and treatment.Indigestion, abdominal distension with insufficient bile flow, functional failure of the liver (geppatit, cirrhosis). Stomach and duodenal ulcers, diarrhea, stimulate digestion, improve appetite. Headache, exhaustion, involuntary urination, gout, uterine bleeding. Antipyretic and diaphoretic effects, anthelminthic.Antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral effects, cestodes (tapeworms), headaches, ear pain, dental pain (inflammation of the gums and teeth). High blood pressure, hemophilia, hemorrhoids. Diabets (insulin-dependent and neinsulino-dependent). Increased secretion of the mammary glands, regulation of the formation of grown hormones, lowering blood cholesterol levels. Strengthening the sexual function.Prostatits, urethrits. 3-month course chopped and cleaned stones from the kidney and bladder (stones up to 1 cm).

Dosage and administration: 1 teaspoon in the morning, 15 min before meal.

2.       ENT disease. Sinusitis (inflammation of the paranasal sinuses), expectorant, dry cough, asthma, asthmatic bronhits, colds, sinusitis, tonsilitis (inflammation of the upper respiratory tract). Allergies of any kind.

Methods of application and dosage:

1. Lubricate the inside entrance to the nose-hole with black seeds oil and breathe heavily.
2. Inhalation (1 tablespoon of black seed oil in half a cup of boiling water).
3.  1 teaspoon of black seed oil and 1 tablespoon of honey diluted in a half cup of water.

3.       Skin disease. Dermatofit with the localization of nails and feet. Rheumatism, musculoskeletal disorders, dermatits, eczema. Balding and alopecia areata, psoriasis, leprosy, scab, chronic and allergic skin inflammation.

Methods of application and dosage: gently rub affected areas of the body with black seed oil.Drink 1 teaspoon of bvlack seeds oil in the morning 15 min before a meal.

4.       Teenage problematic skin (acne). Applied to pimples.

5.        Allergies: in the morning 1 teaspoon of black seeds oil, plus rubbing the affected part.

6.        Asthma, pneumonia: 1 teaspoon black seeds oil and chest and back massage with black seeds oil and inhalation (1 tablespoon in 1 L of water).

7.        Diseases of the eye: wipe eys with black sedds oil, before going to sleep. Drink carrot juice with 7 drops of black seeds oil.

8.        In diseases of the circulatory system: mix a teaspoon of black seeds oil with a tablespoon of honey and a slice of crushed garlic. Take on an empty stomach for 5 days.

9.       With gallbladder disease: add 5 drops of oil of black seeds oil into a glass of herbal tea. Use for a week.

10.    Pain in the bones: mix boiled onions with black seeds oil, 2 times a day. Lubricate pet peeve black seeds oil, mixed with the eucalyptus oil.

11.    Swelling in the spleen: a decoction of radish, sweetened with honey, add 7 drops ofblack seeds oil. 1 cup on an empty stomach at bedtime for a week.

12.    Liver disease: a cup of honey to add 7 drops of black seeds oil, 1 teaspoon ground oak bark. Take this on an empty stomach every day for months without a break.

13.   With hair loss:drink 1 teaspoon in the morning and massage scalp with black seeds oil mixed with olive oil (1:1), 3 times a week . After wash with shampoo.

14.   Hemorrhoids: diluted black cumin oil + olive oil 1:1, take 3 tablespoons daily for 10 days, massaging pet peeve (with black seed oil).

15.   For headaches: take a teaspoon of rubbing the affected part and the front of the head (not eating sweets, chocolate and other).

16.   For dizziness and pain in the ears should be dripping into the ear one drop of oil of black seeds oil.

 17. The flu: tincture of black seeds oil mix with olive oil and drop the nose 3-4 times a day (from the flu and cough).

18. For high blood pressure should be added to all hot drinks (tea, milk, coffee), a few drops of oil of black seeds oil.